Face to Face or Shuttle Mediation

When there is a conflict between two parties and nothing can be resolved by themselves, then our mediation team comes into action 

MIAMS Greater Manchester will assess the most safest method for everyone and for mediation to have the best chance to work.


Face to Face or Shuttle Mediation

The MIAMS Greater Manchester mediator works out in his way and gives the effort to resolve the differences. When there is no agreement, then appointing a mediator is the right and a perfect approach to solving the issue as mediation allows both the parties to say their points. Overall, the entire process of negotiation works faster.

What is the Process?

The entire mediation negotiation process has several stages. Initially, the mediator talks with respective parties separately collect all the necessary information, assess them and then agrees mediation can proceed.

This is called a MIAMS mediation assessment meeting.

Then there remains two options – either a face to face mediation (often called as direct mediation also) or shuttle mediation (indirect).

Based on the nature of both parties, this is decided whether face to face or shuttle mediation will be adopted.

Why Do I need Shuttle Mediation?

In extreme cases where regular mediation might lead to discourse, upset , abuse or  something else, shuttle mediation is the only choice as that family mediation is hard to carry forward.

The Mediator will be able to discuss your specific needs and advise if shuttle mediation is the best solution for your situation and how it will work. 

Shuttle mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution and a good option to ensure that both parties have the time and space to consider proposals carefully. This structured approach can lead to more thoughtful and productive negotiations, ultimately resulting in a higher rate of successful resolutions.

Shuttle Mediation

If there has been violence and discourse, violence or too emotion is present it can prevent successful mediation, in this case shuttle mediation is a form of mediation that offers a solution.

In this case, both parties will not see each other in online mediation, there will be mediator is responsible for communicating between both the parties in separate online calls.

Shuttle mediation offers a unique approach to conflict resolution that can be especially effective in situations where direct interaction is counterproductive or unsafe. By providing a controlled and supportive environment, it helps parties work towards a resolution that respects their needs and concerns.

Shuttle mediation – creating a safe mediation process

Shuttle mediation is the best way to participate in Greater Manchester mediation without intimidation from an ex partner.

MIAMS Greater Manchester aims to provide you with a mutually acceptable solution that creates a safe space for everyone involved in the process.

For any sort of family mediation whether face to face or shuttle mediation, you can call us on Contact us for Family Mediation in the UK – 03300 101 354 OR send us an email HERE