Family Mediation Kings Norton

Are you going through a divorce? Are emotions running high?

Are you unable to reach an agreement?

Here at MIAMS Mediation Kings Norton we understand the pressures on separating couples contact our team today!

Family Mediation Kings Norton

MAIMS Family Mediation in Kings Norton is committed to providing divorcing couples with the support and resources they need to reach an amicable agreement.

Our goal is to help you understand your options, make informed decisions, and find resolution in a safe and respectful environment.

Through our expertise in family law, communication techniques, and conflict resolution strategies, we can guide you through the process of mediation to create a plan that works for both parties.

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1. Cost-effective: Family mediation in Kings Norton is a more cost-effective option than taking legal action as there are no court costs or attorney fees involved. 

2. Short process: The process of family mediation can be completed in a shorter amount of time than going to court. This allows both parties to move on with their lives in a timely manner, without needing to wait for lengthy court proceedings.

3. Private: It is private and confidential – all discussions and agreements during the process remain between the two parties, so it can be beneficial if a couple wants to keep matters out of the public eye. 

4. Avoiding conflict: When couples go through mediation they are able to discuss their issues calmly, without any hostility or aggression, allowing them to come to an agreement which works for both parties without any conflict escalating further. 

5. Flexible outcomes: Through mediation, couples can tailor solutions that work specifically for them and their families rather than relying on a judge’s decision which might not be suitable for everyone involved in the situation.