MIAMS Mediation Chesterfield

Here are MIAMS Chesterfield we offer impartial and independent mediation for couples following a separation or divorce.  

Have you recently gone through a breakup?

Maybe you had an agreement that one party has now reneged on?

Are you concerned that this dispute might escalate to legal proceedings?

No need to worry! Take action today by reaching out to MIAMS Chesterfield. We’re here to assist you with your situation.

MIAMS Mediation Chesterfield

MIAMS – Chesterfield is a trusted mediator offering mediation services to facilitate the amicable and cost-effective resolution of disputes.

If you have recently divorced or separated, a grand parenting wanting more access to your grandchild or unable to resolve child access or financial disputes, MIAMS – Mediation Chesterfield is here to assist you.

In the mediation process both parties involved able to help resolve family disputes. 

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If you are looking for a way to resolve your family disputes in the Chesterfield area, consider using MIAMS mediation. MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) is a confidential, impartial process used to help resolve conflicts between individuals or groups.

The mediator helps both parties find an acceptable solution by helping them communicate more effectively and developing options that are acceptable to all.

Using MIAMS Chesterfield can provide a safe, non-confrontational environment to discuss issues and come to a resolution that works for all involved. All our mediators are part of the family mediation council.

MIAMS Chesterfield is a valuable alternative to court proceedings in family matters. It’s a voluntary process facilitated by a skilled mediator who assists you and your ex-partner in resolving disputes.

They can also guide you on whether you qualify for legal aid mediation. Our accredited mediators, offer a confidential service where financial issues and other key matters can be addressed.

Rest assured, all financial information remains confidential until an agreement is reached and a court order is arranged.

Start your family mediation service today and find a peaceful resolution today.