MIAMS Family Mediation Ilkeston

Miams Mediation Ilkeston help separated and divorced couples reach a peaceful resolution without having to court.

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MIAMS Family Mediation Ilkeston

MIAMS Mediation Ilkeston can help resolve family disputes through mediation and avoid families having to go to court.

The trained and experienced mediator at MIAMS work with the parties involved in a dispute, such as couples separating, divorcing or in a civil partnership, to help them communicate effectively and reach agreement about their issues.

Participants are free to speak openly and confidentially about their feelings and concerns in a safe environment while being guided by the mediator towards an outcome that is fair, practical and reasonable for all.

The process helps individuals understand each other’s needs, negotiate solutions which meet everyone’s interests and ultimately reach agreements which can work for them both.

If you are worried about the costs of family mediation you could be eligible for Legal Aid and we also accept the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme where you could receive up to £500 of joint mediation sessions paid for.

As well as helping to avoid court proceedings, family mediation services provides an opportunity for individuals to take control of how they manage their separation or divorce in a non-confrontational manner.

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Miams Mediation Ilkeston is an ideal choice for resolving family disputes through mediation process rather than the court process.

The experienced accredited mediators at MIAMS are all part of the family mediation council and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in family law, and are trained to provide impartial advice.

They will work hard to ensure that both parties can come to an agreement that works for everyone involved, without having the lengthy and costly process of going through the court system.

Furthermore, mediation offers a confidential and non-adversarial approach which often leads to more positive outcomes than taking family disputes to court. Mediation also enables you to have direct conversations with the other party, allowing better understanding between parties and ultimately reaching a resolution quicker.

Finally, MIAMS Family Mediation Ilkeston offer flexible appointments times as well as online meetings, making them even more accessible to those looking to resolve their family disputes quickly and effectively.