Mediation Leicester

Welcome to MIAMS Mediation Leicester, a mediation service dedicated to helping individuals and couples reach positive outcomes through communication and understanding. 

Our experienced mediators will guide you throughout the process with empathy, kindness and professionalism. 

We look forward to helping you find a resolution that works best for all parties involved.

Mediation Leicester

MIAMS – Mediation Leicester is a company that provides mediation services to help resolve disputes in an amicable and cost-effective way.

Whether you’re a business looking to resolve a dispute with an individual or another business, or if you’re looking for help in the resolution of a personal conflict, MIAMS – Mediation Leicester can help


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Mediation is often the best option because it allows parties to discuss and negotiate their issues in an informal setting, without the need for court proceedings.

Mediation helps resolve matters quickly and efficiently, while also protecting delicate relationships between involved parties. 

Mediation Leicester has a team of experienced mediators who are trained to work with all types of disputes – from family law conflicts to civil litigation cases – while helping both sides reach an agreement that is acceptable for all involved.

The mediators have excellent communication and problem-solving skills that ensure effective conversations take place so that resolutions can be reached within a reasonable timeframe. 

Due to its extensive experience and professional approach, Mediation Leicester is the perfect choice if you’re looking for mediation services in the UK and beyond.

The company has helped countless individuals and businesses find resolutions to their disputes without having to go through expensive and time-consuming court proceedings.

By choosing Mediation Leicester as your provider, you can benefit from its extensive experience and expertise, ensuring your dispute is resolved amicably with minimal stress and disruption.

mediation, leicester

The mediation process

Family mediation services majority of the time mean you do not have to go through court proceedings. 
Family mediation is a voluntary process where an accredited mediator helps you and your ex partner to resolve any disputes you may have. The fully trained experienced mediator will also be able to help you seek advice to see if you or either party qualifies for legal aid mediation. 

MIAMS Mediators

For separating couples a way to find solutions to key issues can be harder for one party more than another. Our mediation service is a confidential process whereby through joint mediation session our Leicester mediators, covering the east midlands, can resolve financial matters alongside other solicitors so that financial information is kept confidential for you and the other party until you reach agreement and a court order can be arranged.